The importance of postural awareness

You start your day by snoozing the alarm and getting out of bed – groggy and not well rested. You help yourself to a hurried breakfast with the phone in one hand as you catch up on the news on your laptop or telly. You sit in the car and attend to calls on your way to work and even though its only 9 am- you haven’t had a minute to breathe or sit still. Your neck is aching from your incessant phone usage. I haven’t gotten to the rest of the day and the fact that we spend 1/3 of our day hunched over our computer screens because I don’t want to stress you out. We subject our eyes to too much eye strain and constantly complain of stiff neck and shoulders because of our habits at work. Children in their teens are complaining of dizziness, vertigo and pain in the neck and shoulders because they sit slouched over when they are playing on the iPad and constantly bending over to look at their phones.


I spend anywhere between 8-12 hours on my computer and even though. I am conscious of spending too much time slouching over so I take a few minutes every hour or so to let my neck and shoulder muscles relax. I am reasonably active and get out to work up a sweat 4-5 times a week. I walked into Prohealth at Defence Colony clinic with a list of woes. I had vertigo because of cervical pain, ringing in my ears, a very stiff upper back and neck and lest I forget, trouble sleeping.


The staff at the clinic greeted me very warmly and made me fill out a form with my medical history before I met the first physiotherapist. Shrikant Iyenger- a very well established sports physiotherapist who was the official physiotherapist for the Indian hockey team and assisted sportsmen in the Australian hockey team too. After an assessment, I am made to lie down and do some exercises. Shrikant gives me a few exercises that I can do at home to help alleviate some of the stiffness and soreness and prevent spasms and pain from recurring. I am then taken into the gymnasium to do a couple of exercises and I am very excited to see the pilates machines. After working up a sweat and doing a few exercises that will help improve flexibility and mobility- I help myself to a cup of herbal tea and go back into the treatment rooms. The therapist then starts to explain taping to me. After placing some of the tapes onto my trouble areas (as shown here)- I lie there and wait for my last session of the day- dry needling. I have to admit that although I am no stranger to acupuncture and cupping– I was still a tad nervous about the treatment. However, Shrikant was there to answer all my questions and take me through the process. After he was able to allay my fears, he started with the treatment. I didn’t even feel the prick and I forced myself to breathe normally and allow myself to unwind. I have to admit that I was feeling much better, albeit sleepy post the session and I couldn’t wait to get back into my nap for a long snooze.


You might have noticed professional athletes walking around with funky coloured tapes on their quads, shoulders and arms. This isn’t just a fitness fad, I promise. It is a revolutionary and non-invasive concept, used to treat chronic pain, reduce injury recurrence, improve stability and provide relief from inflammatory conditions.The tape is the non-restrictive kind that allows full range of movement while it has been worn so you needn’t worry about carrying out daily chores and activities.


Dry needling, for the uninitiated, is different from acupuncture. It is a technique used by sports and spinal physiotherapists to treat injuries and chronic pain. It is also a highly sought after treatment for people who have of knots in the neck and shoulder areas. it feels a lot like acupuncture and sterilised needles are used by skilled practitioners where the needles are strategically placed in different areas of the body that are stiff or sore. A lot of people experience immediate relief post the treatment, some people report feeling sleepy after the session. The physiotherapist recommends that you allow your body to unwind to reap the benefits from the session.



Verdict– I was very impressed with the holistic view with which the therapists at Prohealth approach each client. Instead of encouraging people to only come and visit the clinic when they are in acute pain, they enable the clients with preventative measures to correct their posture, reduce the likelihood of injury and find solutions for chronic pain. The staff is well versed in a variety of different conditions where each consult is comprehensive, where the therapist answers all your questions and allays your fears. The facilities are state of the art and the clinic is spotlessly clean and beautifully managed. I highly recommend Prohealth to everyone and anyone with postural issues, gait problems, foot problems and people who need assistance with chronic pain management. The dry needling session left me feeling drowsy but I slept like a baby that night. I’m happy to report that after two sessions, the quality of my sleep has seen a noticeable improvement and I wake up feeling less sore and well rested. Many thanks to the team at Prohealth for taking such good care of me. You don’t need to be injured or suffering from chronic pain to come in to avail their services. The best part about Prohealth is that they focus on preventative care and the therapists are there to guide you on the best exercises that will alleviate tension, reduce strain thereby enabling you to move and sleep better.



We provide a high-end, modern and well-appointed clinic for patients to relax in a private environment to evaluate and assess symptoms prior to treatment. Our hands-on treatments are unique and patients can expect thorough assessments, expert analysis and evaluation, matched with a specially designed treatment plan and expert care.ProHealth Asia has the expertise for back and neck pain, spinal rehabilitation, musculoskeletal and chronic pain, occupational and sports physiotherapy, but we also cover a wide range of conditions such as pre and post-surgery rehabilitation.Using a unique blend of knowledge and handling skills to speed up the body’s natural healing processes and prevent further injuries, we help promote good health by assisting you in a more elaborate treatment plan that prevents further pain and injury.


Quick Notes:
Prohealth Asia
Address: E-5, First Floor, Defence Colony, New Delhi, Delhi 110024
Phone: 011 4212 0200

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Reply July 13, 2017

This blog is very well written and successfully delivered the importance of posture.

Vandana Khokar
Reply August 31, 2017

you are future forward when it come to body positivity. Chronic pain management and preventive cure, almost everybody is in need of some sort of treatment. Finding the right clinic and physiotherapist is half the job done.

I keep reminding everybody around me to not bend their heads- for long. If only people would understand! You spread the word the way it should be. Thanks.

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