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I first met Reeti Sahai at the gym in 2011. She was diligent, motivated, supremely fit and used both the TRX and the kettlebell with such ease, I walked up to talk to her. She has since then motivated and inspired me to move more, honour the body while maintaining crazy hours at work. She loves animals and goes out of her way to help them and you will often see her walking her dogs as she loves time with them. When Reeti volunteered to talk about her day on a plate- I was ecstatic. In the 6 years that I have known her, she hasn’t changed a bit and is actually healthier now than she was 5 years ago. Here is what she has to say.

I dream of success, I work very hard for it and I really would like to admit that I worry about failure. That’s just me. When I commit to something – I don’t give myself any excuse for not getting it right. I am very focused towards getting fitter and healthier.

I work through a set regimen. I feel my biggest success is to be able to wake up early. I am a Fauji kid – it’s in my system to soak in the early morning vibes. I wake up just before 5 am at least five days of the week

5 am – I drink two tall glasses of warm water and one glass of tender coconut water as I open my eyes every morning. Then it’s time for a cup of ginger tea and this is when my three babies line up for their biscuits – it’s a morning ritual. They are waiting for my tray of tea to arrive. Post this, I either do an hour’s yoga at home with my guruji or head to Nehru Park, JLNStadium or the likes for my personal training with my coach. If it’s personal training for my running, I eat a banana before leaving home.

9 am-A hearty breakfast defines my day. It’s also my favourite meal of the day. Breakfast usually happens around 9 am.

I start with a bowl of cut fresh seasonal fruit followed by an egg white vegetable omelette (4-5 egg whites only), half avocado and a small bowl of yoghurt with or without muesli or a fresh fruit/vegetable smoothie – depends on what I feel like! I usually eat my breakfast over 30-40 minutes – slow and sustaining brekker, is what I call it. I avoid snacking between breakfast and lunch, however, if I feel hungry, I resort to water and loads of water and a cup of Americano at some point. A handful of mixed nuts (walnuts, almonds and figs) is what I resort to, incase I’m really hungry between the two meals.

130-2 pm- Lunch is usually packed and at work – I carry sautéed seasonal veggies, a big bowl of lentil, quinoa (in place of roti/rice) and a bowl curd. Or grilled/roasted chicken, a slice of whole wheat bread and some green beans/asparagus/zucchini – the veggies are seasonal, ofcourse. Lunch is done and dusted between 130-2pmusually.

Water is a constant between meals, not along with meals. I will be hungry around 5 and that’s when I’m driving home and I have the urge to snack – I always carry either of these in my car – a Yoga bar, some baby carrots, boiled eggs, roasted chana, an apple or my latest favourite is roasted makhanas – also called fox nuts. Mumbai chat flavor from Pop Mak are irresistible – and yes, Ive gone down one full packet while driving a couple of times.

6 pm- I try and be back home by 6 pm and dinner is served on the table NOT later than 8 pm. I start pacing up and down my house if it gets delayed. Dinner comprises of grilled chicken/fish, a small portion of salad (lettuce, rocket leaves, tomato, feta or bocconcini, pine nuts, cucumber, mixed dried berries and home made dressing of orange, raw honey from #societenaturelle and freshly squeezed lime juice) OR grilled cottage cheese, a bowl of home made vegetable soup and some greens OR a stir fry with chicken or fish.

And I must confess, when mango is in season, I have to have one mango every night – that’s my dessert. Thankfully, I do NOT have a sweet tooth.

Lastly, a cup of matcha tea and I fall asleep like a baby. I usually sleep early too. 930-10pm is light out!

I’m often asked what I eat during a typical day. Very recently I coined a new word to define my kind of foodie – I am the Good Food Foodie. Healthy, fresh, home made, with less spices but well flavored food is my kind of food that I never say No to. Of course, I do go out and never underestimate the value of a good evening out with friends but I know how to manage a plate of good food as much as I can.

Like most of you, I lead a busy and hectic life and no two days are the same. I try and eat simple and healthy throughout. I try and stick to foods that are in season – they are fresher , easily available and tastier with greater nutrient value. I fix up/cook meals usually from scratch using the freshest ingredients available. And yes, I plan well – I go grocery, vegetable and meat shopping on Sundays and try and stock up for the week basis my menu for the week – which is usually pasted on my refrigerator – easy access for my cook too. He’s usually the one getting the meals together – Yes, hes trained by none other than yours truly and there are times I enter the kitchen – when I’m experimenting a new recipe or when I’m just in the mood to cook or fix a meal.

Be kind to yourself. Learn to value yourself. Learn to love yourself. If you focus on learning to care about yourself, that is the key to having any kind of health and wellness journey – it’s the mindset of how you feel about yourself.

About Reeti-

Reeti Sahai is a goddess on the running track with a half marathon Personal Best of 1.44 hours. She is also a yogini, fitness fanatic, gym bunny, endurance cyclist, high altitude mountaineer besides being a successful entrepreneur and a mummy to her 5 beautiful dogs. Running, the core of Reeti’s regimen, fuelled by yoga. She inspires and coaches NCR runners at adidas running Delhi.

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