Manzil, Dubai

Manzil Downtown is one of Dubai’s most exquisite boutique hotels. Managed by Vida Hotels and Resorts, the unique interiors represent the best aesthetics of both, the Arab and Western Worlds. Situated on the famous Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, the hotel overlooks the charismatic Souk Al Bahar, and is only 20 minutes away from the airport. The icing on the cake? The hotel is a quick walk from the world-renowned Burj Khalifa, as well as the Dubai Mall- two places on every luxury traveler’s list!

On entering Manzil, one is instantly in awe of the lobby, which perfectly combines the grandiose through its selection of Arabesque paintings and the modern with its futuristic chandelier and selection of furniture. One of the most memorable experiences at Manzil was also one of the most understated. You will receive traditional Arab coffee and sweets upon checking in, courtesy of Mina, one of the most delightful staff members you will meet, in any hotel across the globe. His cheerfulness made us forget about our long flight to Dubai, as well as the long day ahead. We also loved the manner in which all the staff members were dressed in traditional Arabic garb, the vision of a renowned Dubai designer.

The hotel boasts 197 rooms with the color palette of a minimalist’s dream. Whites, beige, brown, and dark wood are tastefully used throughout the room, cleverly enhancing the size of the room, while still making them feel delightfully plush and cozy. For those who prefer to laze around all day, the rooms are equipped with 42-inch LCD TVs, WiFi, a media hub, room service, as well as a selection of tea and coffee.

For those who want to sunbathe or fit in some activity, head to the pool, where every single corner is instagram-worthy. The palms delineating the pool add the middle-eastern touch the hotel has sprinkled throughout its décor in the most elegant of ways. There is also a state-of-the-art gym, which we made good use of.

Manzil is also very much a food destination; one can choose between several options within the hotel itself. The beating heart of the hotel is The Courtyard, which serves middle-eastern cuisine al fresco, possibly the most vibrant area of the hotel. If you are hungry at odd hours, you can head to the Boulevard Kitchen, an all-day dining restaurant offering delicious food from all corners of the middle-east. Boulevard Kitchen features an open plan kitchen for guests who like to be partly immersed in the preparation of their food, as well as interact with the chefs. The desserts are outstanding and best paired with an Arabic tea from their Arab-fusion beverage menu. Guests can enjoy their meals on the terrace, overlooking the stunning Burj Khalifa.

Guests who want a taste of world cuisine must try Nezesaussi Grill Downtown (a portmanteau of New Zealand, South Africa, and Australia).

Verdict- the hotel is perfect for business-savvy travelers who need uninterrupted access to the internet while also being ideal for those who are looking to disconnect. Evenings tend to get very busy at the courtyard and I highly recommend that you book ahead to avoid disappointment. The DJ plays chill tunes and the mood is set with the overpowering cloud of sheesha smoke from every table and psychedelic lights. I loved the tagine, shish touk and the grilled salmon, replete with bottomless helpings of hummus, baba ganoush. You can end your meal with a digestif or a cup of Turkish coffee. The Manzil comes alive at night and Courtyard delivers one of the most memorable meals in town.

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