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I have always been wary of facials but have always envied celebrities on Instagram who sing praises of their post-facial glow minus any redness or irritation. They never seem to have any breakouts and are also best friends with their dermatologists; aah, what a life that must be!

I, on the other hand, swore off facials immediately after I had my first one many years ago. My skin was beetroot red, the extraction process left visibly large pores on my nose, and I had breakouts all along my chin and hairline for about a week after. I cannot stress how important it is to seek a facial treatment from someone licensed and trustworthy; someone who understands that your skin type and woes are unique to you. Additionally, these treatments are expensive, so you should be frank with your doctor about your key concerns and allocate budgets and sittings for the treatment accordingly.

Lumiere Dermatology’s Dr Kiran Lohia has changed my perception of skin care. Not only am I not scared of facials anymore, I am willing to try lasers, dermarolling, etc., simply because I have always seen results each time I see her. A Columbia University alumnus, Dr Lohia has been named the best dermatologist in India by ELLE Magazine. She specializes in cosmetic laser and laser surgery, dermatology and aesthetic medicine and regularly speaks at Dermatology Seminars all over Asia.

As a health and wellness blogger, I spend a lot of my time doing shoots, which means tons of makeup, harsh sunlight, and very little sleep. My skin is prone to breakouts, dullness, and I have some serious undereye bags. Dr Lohia recommended the Purite Facial, using her patented a 4-technology Purite machine. Its 4-pronged approach comprises of:
Painless blackhead extraction through a vacuum
Electoporation to firm up and add luminosity to skin
Radio Frequency Technology to stimulate collagen and improve elasticity of skin
Delivering antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid to skin via Ultrasound Technology

On arriving for my treatment, I thought that my most pertinent skin problem was acne and acne scarring. Dr Lohia brought my attention to the fact that my sporadic sunscreen and moisturizer use, constant squinting, and use of makeup had resulted in pigmentation, UV damage, premature ageing, as well as clogged pores. At first, I was alarmed but felt reassured when she explained that the Purite Facial tackles all of these problems and that I would leave with minimal redness after.

During my treatment, I learned that the body naturally produces Hyaluronic acid (HA), which stimulates the production of collagen in the skin. No wonder I see it advertised as an ingredient in all the leading skincare brands from France to South Korea! HA is also a humectant, which means that it retains moisture- the molecule can hold 1000 times its weight in water! While this means that the molecule is too large to penetrate the surface of the skin, Dr Lohia’s patented Purite treatment ensures that the HA being applied actually penetrates the skin and that the concentration of HA is suitable for the particular client. While most skin treatments come with downtime, I waltzed out of the clinic and into a brunch with friends. Everyone talked about how hydrated my skin looked and it felt incredibly supple and soft to touch.

I left Lumiere with skin that was positively radiant. Unfortunately, a prior commitment meant that I had to wear make-up the same evening. However, this time, I went baring an au naturel look, using only some lipstick —something I haven’t done in a long time.

I have seen Dr Lohia for a few consultations in the past two years and cannot recommend her enough. Her work is remarkable and her staff is extremely attentive. Her clinic is one-of-kind; you can watch a movie with friends while you are pampered. It helps to know that Lumiere has also been voted the best Skin and Dermatology two years in a row. Don’t just take my word for it and head to one of their clinics now. For appointments, call +91-8826329995

Verdict- I will definitely need another session after I return from my travels in November. I recommend the Purite facial to everyone, even the uninitiated. It doesn’t cost the earth and you see a noticeable improvement after just one session.

Cost per facial- 3800++
Purite Plus, which has an added benefit of collagen boosting and skin tightening- 5800++

Quick Notes:
Lumiere Dermatology
Block F,
No: 8/7,
Munirka Marg,
Vasant Vihar,
New Delhi,
Delhi 110057

Photo Credits- Lumiere Dermatology

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