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I met Nidhi Mohan, the founder of NidSun about a year ago at a bloggers meet and I was very impressed with her wealth of knowledge in fitness, nutrition and diet. I have been following her on Instagram for a while now and she invited me to Nidsun to meet her team and experience her services.


I was very uncomfortable about my under eye bags, rosacea and some hyperpigmentation on my face. After a consult and a long chat with the doctor and learnt how to make small changes in my diet and daily life that would help with these things.

I had myself weighed and my fat percentage checked and was shocked to learn that the late hours and living in hotels had slowed my metabolism quite a bit. I am reasonably fit and healthy and don’t have a weight problem but I would love to be fitter and healthier. After all, your body is your vessel and it will serve you well if you look after it.


After a long chat, we decided that we wanted to debunk some myths that surrounded the domain that is Cryo. Despite common perceptions, Cryolipolysis is actually a very safe, non-surgical treatment used to destroy fat cells. A fairly recent procedure invented by Mr Dieter Manstein from Massachusetts General Hospital and Mr Rox Anderson from Harvard Medical School; the treatment got its FDA approval in 2010. The team at Nidsun are using this procedure since Feb 2012 and keep themselves abreast of all the changes to allow clients to have a pleasant experience.

How does it work- well, imagine being wrapped up and having your tummy and love handles cooled, which results in a localised reduction of fat deposits. I know you’ll say that spot reduction isn’t possible and most of you won’t buy this theory but I have seen numerous patients happy with their response and I can tell you that it works. Not only is it cost effective, It involves no surgery and absolutely no downtime. For women who have had a baby or for people with a metabolic response; this treatment works beautifully at targetting stubborn areas around the stomach, hips and love handles.

It is painless and even the patients with sensitive skin only complain of a little sensitivity and heat. Nidhi Mohan Kamal says that the treatment also helps in raising the immunity of body as the powerful vacuum starts an inflammatory response, drawing up blood to the surface layers and increasing the circulation in the body. The therapists are gentle and very patient and happy to talk you through the machine mechanics and the treatment.


Risk or Side Effects- The most common side effect of the procedure is a transient local redness, bruising and numbness of the skin which subsides in a while. The team at Nidsun take full responsibility and ensure 100% patient safety, comfort, satisfaction and results. Nidhi Mohan Kamal requests all her clients opting for cryo to come in a few weeks for a follow up to measure inches and weight and also to assess the situation.

Price: The cost of the procedure could typically start at Rs.4000 per point. Please note that the price of the treatment varies from patient to patient.

Who should avoid: This procedure is ideally safe for everyone. Only pregnant ladies must avoid the
procedure at all costs. A lactating woman who has had a normal delivery can go for the procedure after
3 months and someone who’s had a baby through surgery can go in for the procedure post 6 months.


Verdict: Nidsun is a fantastic facility for anyone looking for patient therapists to sit in and work with you to get you closer to your health goals. Nidhi and her team are a very passionate bunch who work painstakingly often putting in 40 hour work weeks to ensure that her clients are happy. I love their female-friendly workplace and can swear by her nutritional counselling and streamlined approach to diet and weight loss. Her radio facials are also extremely popular for people with discolouration and rosacea.

Quick Notes:


About Nidsun: NidSun Weight Loss has been in the Weight Loss business since the year 2005 & has
gifted new lives to thousands of people over this time. Started by Young and Energetic Sibling Duo Dr Sunny Bawa and Nidhi Mohan Kamal. The Vision of NidSun is to bring world-class health facilities to the common man at the best price aiming at their long-term health& fitness goals.

NidSun was one of the first Clinics in India to introduce Cryolipolysis (Fat Freezing Procedure launched in 2013) and Ultrasound Fat Blasting (Launched in 2009) the kind of the best weight loss in anywhere in North India. They are a pioneer in these treatments and have successfully treated thousands of clients seeking body shaping in Delhi, Chandigarh and rest of North India.

Nidsun weight loss aims to provide serve & help people come out of lifestyle-related ailments related to obesity. The weight loss staff is passionate about results, ambitious and impatient for success.

About Nidhi Mohan Kamal: Director of NidSun Weight Loss a chain of weight loss clinics with its
branches in Delhi, Chandigarh and Panchkula. She’s a Food Scientist with a Food and Chemical engineering degree and specialization in Nutrition. An expert with an overall work experience of 11 years and handling Fat loss and body shaping needs since 2007. She has been personal training many special needs clients one on one. In terms of fitness and exercise, she has been working out last 17 years and has learnt Functional, weight training, Yoga, Pilates and various dance styles like Ballet, belly dance, salsa and bhangra. Besides running their body shaping clinics in Delhi, she is also a writer with regular columns and blogs on food, fitness and nutrition in many publications like Times of India, Asian Age, Urban Melange and many online portals etc. She’s the brand ambassador of Puma Do You in India along with Jacqueline, Kalki, Liza Haydon, Sakshi Malik & others and was part of their Guinness World Record plank hold. She contributes as a health and fitness expert for Times of India, Deccan Chronicle, Hubhopper (app) regularly.

Jia singh
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I am a Delhi-based nutritionist, food & wellness consultant and freelance features writer. I write for a variety of different magazines and websites in India and overseas on restaurants, travel, wellness and food.


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