What I love about my visits to Singapore

Singapore, to me, is synonymous with people watching at Raffles Hotel, weekends spent at Clark Quay and impromptu trips to Sentosa. I associate the city with its unmistakable design and architecture, street food at 2 am, shopping at Orchard and its large CBD that attracts expats to work. The city is a feast for all senses and an aesthete’s dream. It positioned itself in 2017 as a city for every kind of traveller when the Tourism Board launched a campaign- ‘passion made possible’ to showcase everything that the island has to offer.

Whether you are a gourmand or looking for street food at 4 am- the city is a melting pot of cuisines and you will find some of the best Malay, Peranakan and juicy steak, all a taxi ride away. Adrenalin junkies can choose from bungee jumping, skydiving or scuba diving to find an activity that appeals to them. There are plenty of large-scale sporting events like the Grand Prix and MMA championships that take place in the city and attract thousands of attendees. Known for their design and aesthetics, Holland Village is a hipster suburb that attracts tourists every day for their kitschy decor, art galleries, pop-ups and cafes. Whether you are a young couple wanting to explore the nightlife or travelling with kids- there’s something for everyone in Singapore and this vibrant city never sleeps.

I’ve visited Singapore many times in the last decade or so and yet, every single time, the city never fails to surprise me. Singapore, albeit small, is very lush, beautifully planned and incredibly clean compared to most cities in South East Asia. The cosmopolitan vibe, local cuisine and the cleanliness, lest we forget, safety, makes it a top choice for a solo woman traveller like me.

Safety is a huge factor to consider because 95% of my trips on an annual basis are solo trips on work assignments. I need to be comfortable in my surroundings and able to communicate effectively with locals without fear and luckily, Singapore allows me just that. Whether it is communicating with a taxi driver at night or taking a bus to Orchard in the morning or whether it is asking someone to help me with directions when google map fails- the residents have responded cheerfully and have helped me at every step.

Holiday planning can be stressful because it is time-consuming and often requires one to budget at least a few months prior. 2018 has about 18 long weekends which means you can ask for leave ahead of time to ensure a smooth trip to Singapore. Although pretty easy to reach by most major airlines, Tiger Airways provides a seamless journey with a direct flight to Singapore. In fact, many major cities are connected to the island but the Chennai to Singapore flights is pretty painless and I definitely recommend this route.

I always return home from Singapore, at least a few kilos heavier, inspired and with a belly full of happy memories. I hope you’ll take the plunge and visit this beautiful city if you haven’t yet.

Jia singh
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I am a Delhi-based nutritionist, food & wellness consultant and freelance features writer. I write for a variety of different magazines and websites in India and overseas on restaurants, travel, wellness and food.


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