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I first met the talented duo at a fermentation workshop at Cafe Greenr but its safe to say that I’ve been following their work for months. Rebekah works at Fab Cafe and Ariella is a nutritional consultant with Organic India and the two of them have started a wellness brand called ‘Atmosphere’. Over the two hours, they captivated the audience with anecdotes, healthy cooking hacks as they taught us how to ferment at home using whey and sea salt.

Launched with their kombucha brews, the Blank sisters plan to redefine the way we look at wellness, making it more palatable and accessible. They have planned a series of workshops in Delhi to allow citizens to forge a healthier relationship with their bodies and to teach them a few healthy recipes to ward off the cold during flu season and gut-healthy recipes like kombucha.

Their health philosophy is easy to follow and what I love most is that they eat seasonal, local and whenever possible, organic produce. In a city like Delhi which has very poor air quality days, the Woodstock alumni’s say that while they escape to their home in the hills whenever it gets too bad- on other days, they find ways to deal with the toxins in the air. I asked them to share their typical day with us and I was thrilled when they decided to do a post for my blog.

I wish we could say we have a strict routine that we follow every day but that’s just not realistic for us. We both work full-time jobs and have very busy active lives that are not sheltered from the chaos and pollution of the city. Nevertheless, here are some of the things we do to stay healthy.

Sleep-we sleep in our bedrooms which has an air purifier to filter out the pm2.5 and allow us to breathe clean air while we are sleeping. We try to get to bed as early as possible and we don’t set alarms ensuring that we wake up only when our bodies are ready. We usually start out first thing with a glass of Atmospheres Nimbu kombucha to get hydrated and kickstart the metabolism.

If there’s time we go for a quick jog or a yoga class but often we are just not feeling up to it and on those days we make a cup of vegan chai and start the day slowly. It is really important to start your day slowly and with mindfulness to allow your body to adapt and to prevent any surges in your stress response in the AM.

we try to have a hearty breakfast which composes of protein, fibre and gut-healthy probiotics. Our favourite is the detox smoothie which consists of homemade raw milk kefir, spirulina, wheatgrass, moringa, guavas, psyllium husk, blueberries, collagen and coconut oil. The idea for this smoothie came from the Organic India Cleanse Program, which we recommend if you need a proper detox.

Mid Morning-We usually try and avoid it but some days we have a mid-morning almond coco milk cappuccino at Fabcafe.

-we often eat lunch at Fabcafe since Rebekah runs the place and the menu is full of super healthy options. We usually incorporate a “Rainbow Salad” into our meal which is just a large salad full of veggies, sprouts and beaming with antioxidants, it is not on the menu yet but we will be adding it this summer. Lunchtime also means that we supplement our meal with some lean protein and some spinach.

Dinner is usually comfort food like zucchini noodles with no-mato sauce (pasta sauce made from beets, carrots and spices). We usually have some sauerkraut on the side for extra probiotics.

In general, we eat a relatively low carb diet where we avoid grains, which make us feel heavy and milk which makes us feel bloated. On a weekly basis, we make a batch of organic chicken bone broth which is full of minerals and excellent for hair, skin, digestion and to regulate your hormones. We also consume quite a bit of organic chicken liver, an amazing superfood which is helpful in detoxification and hormone balancing.

Here are a few of our favourite recipes that we whip up at least once a week. Bon Appetit!

Detox Smoothie

500ml Kefir or Dahi

1 Medium Ripe Guava

3 tbsp Psyllium Husk

1tsp Moringa

1 tsp wheatgrass

1 tsp Spirulina

1 Tbsp coldpressed coconut oil

1 Handful Blueberries

Throw into your blender and drink immediately.

Simple Sauerkraut
* 4 cups grated fresh cabbage (green purple or both)
* 3 tbsp of sea salt
1. in a medium-sized glass bowl, add all the cabbage with the salt. Keep pressing it to the bottom of the dish so the juices are released from the cabbage.
2. spoon the ingredients into a glass jar with a lid.
3. Press down on the cabbage so the juice covers the cabbage entirely.
4. Seal and let it sit for 10 days to ferment. Taste it and consume by itself or toss it into your salad.
Stay healthy! Stay Happy!
Oh and buy some kombucha from Cafe Greenr in Shahpurjat or Fab Cafe in Vasant Kunj.Follow the girls on their journey here

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