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Jia has been a freelance writer, self-care, body positive advocate for much of her adult life. She hopes that her writing will in some way, no matter how small, positively impact the way women view their bodies. She believes that Wellness is a journey that you embark on one day at a time and that it’s in the diligence with which you take your ashwagandha or go about your nighttime body brushing ritual, that you see results, over the years. She writes for her own blog- Wandering for Wellness on yoga immersions, fitness retreats, boutique hotels and alternative health care practices to improve the quality of one’s life and consults patients on holistic ways to improve their health and well-being. She also contributes regularly to magazines in India and overseas like GQ, India Today, Robb Report, Femina, Vogue, to name a few. She loves to travel, swim, dance when no one is watching and spend time learning more about yoga and meditation. Jia is piloting her wellness focused retreats for the strong woman in destinations like Maldives, Bali, Thailand, Vietnam, Goa and Sri Lanka.