Letter to my 30 year old self

Dear 30 year old self,

First off, I love you and I love how far you’ve come.

A few days after your 30th birthday you’ll be laughing about all the stuff you once thought was insurmountable.

The biggest lesson for you this year is Panta Rei (everything flows) so it’s best not to sweat the small stuff and not to worry yourself sick over outcomes you cannot control.

It’s so nice to see you living out your dream of living by the ocean.

I hope you learn to cycle, get better at surfing and I hope that with time, you’ll learn how to ride a bike. It’s never too late to start but it’s an extremely important skillset to have.

I hope you’ll spend less time finding faults in yourself and more time in the sun with your loved ones, go visit your sister, spend time by yourself in a new country and fall in love with a new place, brush up your brand building skills and stop procrastinating on that book you’ve been itching to write for years.

You got this, I love you.

29 year old self

I had a workshop idea which began with writing a love letter to yourself. When I was done- I wrote this. Hope you enjoyed reading it 💛

Jia singh
About me

I am a Delhi-based nutritionist, food & wellness consultant and freelance features writer. I write for a variety of different magazines and websites in India and overseas on restaurants, travel, wellness and food.


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