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A lot of the things we’ve been taught about being a woman have been taught to us by society. And if we’ve learnt anything, we know that society’s opinions tend to change. So to be a woman today can be a lot of different things. It’s all very confusing, disorienting, disheartening, and consuming. But despite it all, do you know what I see when I see a woman?
I see a Goddess. Yes, I’ve caught glimpses of real, tangible goddesses and I know what they look like: they look like you, and they look like me. I see a goddess in the eyes of the single mom with ten grocery bags in her hands on a snowy day, in the smile of the strong survivor who knows she’s seen more than her years, and in the tears of the girl who had her heart broken for the very first time. Because I see strength, resilience, and reflections of divine femininity as these goddesses were born to love, to create, to nurture, to heal, and to fight. Standing at the foothills of the mountain that is a woman, it’s hard to be anything but awestruck by the power of a goddess. The Goddess Project intends to bring women together in their stories of transformations as they walked through fire and met their inner goddesses. It intends to show you that you are never alone, because you walk amongst warriors and survivors everyday—but maybe you, and they, just don’t know it yet.
We would love to have you contribute and share your stories. Head over to the blog this weekend to see the first entry. Thank you for believing in us and sharing with us. Love & Light! Xxx

Words – @veda_v1