The OM HAM Resort and Spa in Bali, is one of Bali’s unique holistic retreat centres, with immense focus given to the importance of yoga in everyday life. Mahatma therapist Ketut Arsana has infused the resort with love, good intentions and tangible energy, which makes it the perfect place to recharge positive energy in an awe-inspiring and natural environment.

I was thrilled when Sawitri, Ketut Arsana’s daughter invited me to visit Om Ham, their restaurant Ojas and the ashram nearby. Situated on a quiet stretch of Ubud, Ketut Arsana’s ashram and bodywork centre have earned itself a really good reputation and thousands of followers.


Guru Ketut Arsana extended his personal touch to allow more people to get the real bodywork experience, in this well-known Ubud Bodyworks Centre at OM HAM. He has created special healing and massage techniques aimed at enhancing and promoting health and wellbeing. The best part is that his spa harnesses the curative properties of herbs and spices in wraps, scrubs to exfoliate and promote lymphatic drainage. Guests who prefer to visit the spa itself, they can ask for transport and head straight to Bodyworks and choose from a plethora of options.

The technique is a combination of Ayurveda and Bali Usadha treatments. The treatments are focused on balancing, revitalizing and rejuvenating the lymphatic system, which allows the body to feel lighter and helps to clear the mind. Due to the nature of the massages and their influence on the lymphatic system, it will also enhance our immune system. I, for one, have skin that’s prone to inflammation and allergies, so I swear by these rituals because the ingredients are all natural.

Yoga is given great importance at the OH HAM Resort, with three 60-minute sessions daily, conducted by the in-house yoga instructor. The form of yoga practised is Kundalini Tantra Yoga. Guests can walk up to the pavilion and settle down a few minutes before class. My favourite session is the one that Ketut Arsana takes which is a comprehensive two-hour session that helps with alignment, postural correction and is the best way to start a Sunday morning.


Kundalini Tantra Yoga is the branch of healing yoga that combines the use of tantra along with pranayama (breath) to move the Kundalini energy upward simultaneously healing the spine, glandular and endocrine systems, and ultimately the entire body. The Kundalini energy is considered the primal life-force energy within the body, and this form of yoga concentrates on this energy to heal the body. This combination is important for raising, moving and balancing the energy within our body so that the body can heal itself naturally. Ketut Arsana believes, that our bodies are fully capable of healing without medical intervention or drugs. Thus, kundalini yoga done regularly can yield fantastic results.

The resort has three signature packages where one gets to choose between spa treatments, yoga sessions and gourmet meals, all with the focus of revitalizing oneself. The OM HAM also offers traditional recreational options like mountain biking, trekking and lessons on Balinese dancing and cooking. The rooms are tastefully done, with Balinese influence that can be seen in the amount of woodwork used on the furniture and walls.

The food served at the OM HAM is based on Bali Usadha herbs and spices to support a healthy lifestyle. The sunset lounge is an open rooftop restaurant that offers you the experience of dining while watching the sunset, which adds to the sense of peace and calm that the resort strives to deliver to each one of it’s visitors. I love the raw chocolate, Ayam Bakar and the juices and smoothies available through the day. If you are suffering from Bali Belly or a cold, you can benefit from the Jamu or the lemongrass and ginger tea.


I walked in with symptoms like vertigo, headaches, GI distress and chronic sleep deprivation and waltzed out of OM HAM feeling calmer, less stressed and more aware of everything around me. My morning walks and visits to the ashram taught me to become more mindful and to carve out 10 minutes for meditation daily. The food at Om Ham really helped with my digestion woes and left me feeling light through the day. Even my evening tea time spent overlooking the paddyfields at Om Ham was truly spectacular as time slowed down and I learnt to count my blessings- big and small.


The ashram is the perfect haven for those looking to meditate. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been meditating for years or are starting it for the first time, the peaceful surrounds, the caves and Mr Arsana’s disciples will help you find your Zen. Guests looking for a more authentic experience can also choose to rent a space in the ashram to sleep in. Keep in mind that the ashram accommodation facilities are basic and not as indulgent as Om Ham with all the creature comforts.

Next door to the ashram is Ojas Prana- a beautiful centre for healthy food and yoga and daily kirtan. The Ojas Prana cafe has a comprehensive menu ranging from superfood smoothies, kombucha, cereal bowls and nourishing bowls of millet and salads, for the conscious eater. The cafe takes into account your dietary requirements so you needn’t worry if you are lactose intolerant or vegan or gluten-free.  The centre also organises workshops, cooking demonstrations and sound healing meditations as well as kirtan

Verdict- If you are looking to spend more than a week in Ubud and want to watch your life transform right in front of your eyes- head over to Om Ham. With daily kundalini yoga and cave meditations along with regular treatments at Ubud Bodyworks Centre- prepare to leave feeling invigorated and nourished from the inside out.

Quick Notes:
Address: Tirta Tawar Road/Banjar Junjungan, Tegallalang, Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia
Phone: +62 361 9000352

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