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My prayers go out to Bali and its people and I hope that things go smoothly in the next few weeks. We’ve been watching some scary footage on the news of Mt Agung spewing smoke and I hope everyone is safe. I love spending time on the island and it is starting to feel like my second home since my first visit in 2011.

I recently extended my trip by a week in Bali because I wanted to spend more time exploring Bali’s hipster neighbourhood- Canggu. Surrounded by rice paddies on one side and home to some of the best surf spots and vegan cafes; this place sounded super excited and I couldn’t wait to explore it by myself.


I checked into the Pineapple House in Canggu that is a gorgeous property led by Rachel Fearnley who moved to Bali a few years ago. She is a trained surfer, fitness instructor at Canggu Fit and hosts a few wellness retreats every year. Her space is warm and inviting with the most wonderful staff who help you order food, book massages and surf lessons . For those of you who love pets, Rachel rescued a few puppies and a kitten and while they live with her next door- she brings them over in the afternoons for playtime. The space invites women who are traveling in a group or traveling solo to come in, embrace the Canggu vibe and culture, take a few surf lessons and yoga classes at Desa Seni next door. The rooms are very comfortable and the brekkie in the morning is a real treat. The menu changes everyday but you get home brewed kombucha and bali coffee with either a black rice pudding or a smoothie bowl with pitaya and bananas and superfoods. I would hop across to Desa Seni next door for a fly yoga class and then come back and jump into the pool. Rachel was kind enough to book me a session with Suni- a fabulous instructor who teaches in Canggu. I got on and fell off at least a dozen times but I was so thrilled when I was able to catch a wave without falling over. I met a lot of great girls during my stay at The Pineapple House and can’t wait to go back and stay there on my next trip with my girlfriends. Read more about my thoughts here-

Next up was The Chillhouse, I had read a lot about this place because yoginis and surfers recommended it highly on the web and a lot of bloggers had been raving about the food here. It is a yoga, bike and surf retreat that is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy an active holiday while they are in Bali. In addition to these activities, they also organise treks to Mount Batur, river rafting and hikes. The rooms are comfortable and cozy and fitted with all the amenities. Please keep the doors closed to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes and carry enough mosquito repellant. The yoga classes in the morning come highly recommended and I absolutely love the energy in this place. The chillhouse has a small massage room for those of you who are craving a deep tissue or a sports remedial massage post workout. The best part – they strap on a pair of headphones so you can zone out to the music while they need your soreness and troubles away. I loved the way everyone got together for meal times and I made a lot of friends here. I highly recommend the jamu, smoothie bowls and brekkie with all the eggs, gluten free bread and pancakes. Read more about my thoughts on the Chillhouse here-

I saved the best for last and it happens to be my favourite Airbnb find. The Jungle Room in Canggu is a place that is straight out of a fairytale. Situated on a quiet stretch and surrounded by lush foliage- the place has been beautifully curated. I have never seen a place that is so instagrammable in all of Bali and that is saying a lot. The hosts are very warm and attentive to your needs. Cell phone reception can be a bit dodgy so ask them to call you a cab or help you with ordering food in the evenings.

The shala has yoga in the mornings with restorative, yin yoga, fly yoga and hatha yoga depending on the instructor and the day of the week. The pool is located in the centre of the property to allow all the guests to hang out, laze, sunbathe and swim while they interact with the guests here. There is a beautiful house called the ‘Big Karo’ where they have exhibitions, allow co working and ideating as well as conducting seminars or classes if there is inclement weather. The air conditioning works really well in the rooms and all the cottages are fitted with beautiful drapes and tapestry and kind cosmetics that are good for you and the environment. There is an open gym for people who want to stretch , improve flexibility and do pull ups and hang upside down. The restaurant serves smoothies, cold pressed juices, tender coconuts and smoothie bowls for breakfast as well as healthy snacks to tide you over until meal time. I cannot tell you how beautiful this place is and photos don’t seem to do it justice.

Please try and book ahead of time to avoid disappointment and don’t Canggu without experiencing this place. Read more about my thoughts on Jungle Room here-

Eat: Canggu’s streets have something for everyone whether you are looking to refuel post a surf session, getting healthy and trim, post yoga or looking to let your hair down with my friends. My favourite recommendations from the Gu are here. You needn’t worry if you are dining with kids or if your bae has food intolerances and allergies because the chefs here are super attentive. Some restaurants even have a special all day gluten free and vegan menu.

Although most people tend to bike it to Seminyak and Kuta for a night out- I have a few places I can recommend that will allow you to unwind, relax and grab a cocktail with your friends.

When you want to shake a leg- Pretty Poison, Old Man’s, Finnss Beach Club, La Finca

Dinner- Milk and Madu, Betelnut Cafe and Desa Seni

Lunch time options- Crate Cafe, Sprout, Bali Buddha, Watercress, Nude Cafe, Cafe Organic

Best Coffee- Crate cafe, Moose Espresso Bar, Watercress

For workouts-

Yoga- Desa Seni, Chillhouse, Samadi, The Practice

Crossfit- Bali Fit Canggu, S2S Crossfit

Fitness- Canggu studio

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