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Stepping out without makeup is a terrific feeling, made even better, with glowing, radiant skin that is healthy and soft to touch. Too many of us skimp on our night-time CTM routine, don’t wear sunscreen often enough and forget to moisturise daily. Skin enthusiasts, beauty bloggers, doctors and holistic coaches wax eloquently on the benefits of rest, optimal nutrition and a good workout and while there’s no substitute for this, I just witnessed the results after a friends derma frac facial and boy, was I amazed.


Here I am waiting in the beautiful flagship clinic in Chattarpur, while my friend and I wait patiently for our facial. After a consultation with the Dr, my friend is sent to the treatment room for the derma frac while I’m supposed to start with the hydrafacial (which I loved BTW).

I sat in on the consultation session when they were explaining the treatment to my friend and here is everything you need to know about the treatment. The DermaFrac is the Rolls Royce of treatments which we advocate for almost everyone because it solves almost every problem. The treatment uses a roller which contains 180 superfine needles to stimulate collagen production and cell renewal, helping to plump, firm and smooth the skin. As the roller creates the microchannels in your skin, the DermaFrac system simultaneously enables the infusion of a potent serum to boost the impact of the needling treatment; that’s the important bit really – the serum gets to the area it is needed in. I’ve seen people rave about the effects after a single session on their discolouration and rosacea- I cannot wait to try it myself.


There are four different serums available for DermaFrac treatments:

Hydrate – this serum uses Hyaluronic acid with a patented technology called Hylasponge to layer the skin and guarantee hydration and moisturisation, preventing the appearance of age related fine lines and wrinkles.
Clarify – this solution features two key active ingredients- salicylic acid and lactic acid. The first one opens clogged pores and neutralizes bacteria within the pores, minimising breakouts. Lactic acid, on the other hand,  works by exfoliating the exfoliates the outer layer of skin, stimulating collagen production and reducing blackheads.
Rejuvenate – This serum has five active ingredients that stimulate fibroblast and collagen production in the skin.
Lighten – This serum utilises Kojic acid to lighten skin by suppressing melanocyte
activity and pigmentation. The serum also has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, which leave behind healthy, radiant skin.


Most doctors ask you to get several sessions before you are satisfied with the results; the derma frac can show you results even after the first session. Also, with no bruising and no downtime, you can be out and about in the evening. Most people like to go make up free for a few days after their first session. Unlike most treatments that need touch ups at shorter intervals, the experts say you should space your sessions and come in once a month for a follow-up treatment.  Dr Geetika Mittal Gupta recommends that you apply sunscreen liberally for the next few days after your treatment and avoid exposure to direct sunlight, particularly in the early afternoon hours.


I’ve been following Dr Geetika Mittal Gupta for a really long time now. We have worked together on my skin, discolouration and rosacea as well as helped a lot of my friends and clients see results with their skincare regimen.

geetika and me

About 10 days ago, Dr Geetika and I had an event at her clinic at the Manor Hotel where we did a live demo of the ‘derma frac’ treatment on one of the Isaac staff members. To our surprise, the guests took to it with a lot of ease and started opting for trials and booking appointments because they were thrilled with the results. Have a look here at one of the guests from the event.


Verdict- sure it’s not cheap but its efficacy makes it a really good investment for those of you looking for something to soothe the appearance of acne scarring, sun damage, pigmentation and open pores that are visible to the open eye. The team does a fantastic job from the moment you book your slot,  to aftercare instructions after the treatment as well as scheduling your follow up sessions. I highly recommend Dr Geeetika Mittal Gupta and her team at Isaac. You can read more about her in her bio below.

About Dr Geetika:
Dr Geetika Mittal Gupta is a well-experienced celebrity cosmetic dermatologist and one of the pioneers of Cosmetic Dermatology in Delhi-NCR. With over 10 years of experience in the field of Cosmetic Dermatology, she is the Medical Director of ISAAC (International Skin and Anti-Ageing Centre) which is a Cosmetology Centre of excellence, located in Delhi and Gurgaon. At ISAAC along with her team she routinely consults, counsels and performs Lasers, Botox, Fillers, Non-surgical facelift, Body Contouring and other aesthetic procedures. Dr Geetika completed her MBBS from Govt. medical college Patiala in 2005 and Diploma in Practical Dermatology from world-renowned Cardiff university UK. She is also Board certified from American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. She is a member of the Anti-Aging society India, Indian Association of Dermatologists, Venereologists and Leprologists, the Cosmetic Dermatology Society of India and the Association of Cutaneous Surgeons of India to name a few. Over the years she has actively promoted the speciality of Cosmetic Dermatology in the medical community. Dr Geetika is known to be a prolific orator and has delivered many lectures and chaired numerous session at National Cosmetology and Aesthetic Dermatology Conferences and CME programs.

Quick Notes:

Quick Notes:
Address: D-90 B, 100 Feet Road, Chattarpur Enclave,
Chattarpur, New Delhi – 110074
Contact No: +91 9268825390
Email: contact@isaac-wellness.com
For other locations- http://isaac-wellness.com/contact/
Website- http://isaac-wellness.com/
Cost- 15000 per session but all my readers get a discounted price of 12,000. Don’t forget to quote ‘Jia Singh’ before you book your slot for your derma frac.

HMU – Delhi-based Simran Kalra Yashpal https://www.instagram.com/makeupbysimran/

Photography- Delhi-based duo Rahul Lal & Rohit Lal https://www.instagram.com/rahul003/ https://www.instagram.com/rohitlal11/

Featured Image Credits- Rahul Lal

Jia singh
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I am a Delhi-based nutritionist, food & wellness consultant and freelance features writer. I write for a variety of different magazines and websites in India and overseas on restaurants, travel, wellness and food.


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